Strategic Objectives
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Strategic Objectives

​​​​1.    Goal 1:  Improved health and wellbeing with an emphasis on vulnerable groups

1.1.      Maternal mortality
1.2.      Child mortality
1.3.      Infant mortality
1.4.      Malnutrition
1.5.      Hypertension
1.6.      Diabetes
1.7.      Reduced referrals for specialized psychiatric care
1.8.      Increased mobility for people with disabilities
1.9.      (Healthier environment)
1.10.   (Increased percentage of the population practicing healthy lifestyles)

2.    Goal 2a: Reduce  the rate of new HIV infections by 50% in youth, adults and babies in Gauteng; Goal 2b: Reduce deaths from TB and AIDS by 20%

2.1.      Reduced new infections in youth and adults
2.2.      Reduced new infections in babies
2.3.      Reduced deaths from TB
2.4.      Reduced deaths from AIDS
2.5.      Normal psychosocial development of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
2.6.      Increased partnerships on HIV and AIDS

3.    Goal 3: Increased efficiency of service implementation

3.1.      Client satisfaction rate
3.2.      Efficiency of PHC facilities
3.3.      Efficiency of hospitals
3.4.      P1 (life threatening) calls responded to within 15 minutes

4.     Goal 4: Human capital management and development (for better service delivery outcomes)

4.1.      Achieve national norms (professionals per 100,000 people)
4.2.      Employee satisfaction
4.3.      Employee equity
4.4.      Labour peace

5.    Goal 5: Organisational excellence

5.1.      Unqualified audit
5.2.      Balanced budget
5.3.      Stakeholder satisfaction
5.4.      Implementation of M&E system
5.5.      Efficacy of supply chain
5.6.      Compliance to legislative framework

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