​​In responding to the nation's call of ensuring that a girl child does not miss a day of school because of their menstrual cycle, staff members in the Logistics Directorate of the Gauteng Department of Health have been making monthly contributions that were ultimately used to buy sanitary towels.

The outreach programme, led by our own David Selby is part of Keeping the Girl Child (a part of Trek4Mandela initiative) in school campaign.

The campaign is carried out in support of Caring4Girls, an initiative established by Richard Mabaso, that supports school girls with sanitary towels, and related puberty and adolescence awareness – elements that are of great importance as research has shown that a girl could miss up to 50 days of school per year due to menstrual challenges.

Selby said, "We decided to join this campaign as we do not find joy in seeing young girls miss up to 50 days of school per year because of lack of sanitary towels,"

"We will appreciate the support as sanitary towels are a necessity not luxury and children are our future so we need to nurture them," he added.

Talking to excited girls, Sonia Mantshongo from Logistics said: "We are here because we love you and we do not want you to struggle with these basic necessities in life."

She encouraged the young girls to love themselves and stay away from things that will distract their schooling such as engaging in sexual activitities, drugs and alcohol.

Over 150 learners from Bramfischer Primary and Khulanolwazi Primary Schools which are both situated in Braamfischer, Soweto benefited from this initiative.

If you want to know more about the programme or be involved, you can contact the coordinator Sonia Mantshongo on 082 5330 820.​