Health Facilities Management
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Health Facilities Management

To plan, provide and equip new facilities/assets, and to upgrade, rehabilitate and maintain hospitals and clinics.

Plans for 2009-14

  • Create a safe and secured working environment within the Department of Health and Social Development through; the approval and implementation of a Security Policy, establishment of Security Committee and Security Forums.
  • Management of security breaches through; intelligence based investigations, monitoring of compliance; liaison with Security Agencies and all other relevant stakeholders.
  • Management of Private Security Services Providers in terms of the signed Service Level Agreement through; monitoring and evaluation of their performance with broad intention of maintaining value for money and minimizing security breaches.

Alignment of long term plans to the 10 point plan
Provincial Service Transformation Plan harmonized to 2014
Infrastructure planning to match service requirements
Integrated with municipality Integrated Development Plans

Modernisation of tertiary services

  • Developing plans to reduce cost of services especially given the expected funding gap for MTS requirements
  • Aligning long term planning to MTS requirements

Planning Process

  •  Complete current projects (Revitalization, Provincial Infrastructure, Equitable share, Maintenance, Emergency projects, face lift project)
  •  Focus on the 10 priority hospitals
  •  Develop new projects under PPP with DBSA
  •  Implement own projects or include new implementing agents​

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