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Provincial Health Services

To render general and specialised hospital services provided by general specialists through the Regional Hospitals, Tuberculosis, Psychiatric/Mental, Dental Training Hospitals, and other Specialised Hospitals sub programmes.
Turnaround Plan for hospitals
The department has committed to a programme of improving services at hospitals in line with the National 10 Point Plan. The Gauteng Department of Health and Social Development will be implementing this project through the application of in-house expertise, using the very considerable experience of the support team at Head Office.
The project was initiated by sending strategic assessment teams to each of the 10 hospitals listed below, with a view to documenting their main difficulties in ensuring adequate patient care. Hospital managers who not part of the initial group of 10 hospitals will be appraised of the process so that they can do pre- emptive work before teams are sent to their hospitals.
This should speed up the process and provide an early improvement in service delivery.
The following hospitals were identified as the first group of hospitals to be targeted:

  • Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital
  • Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital
  • Steve Biko Academic Hospital
  • Natalspruit Hospital
  • Helen Joseph Hospital
  • Leratong Hospital
  • Tambo Memorial
  • Edenvale General Hospital
  • Pholosong Hospital
  • Far East Rand Hospital

The team have assisted the hospitals to identify problems and develop solutions to each of the problems. The hospitals have been given an opportunity to implement the proposed solutions. The management teams will now continue the process through a monitoring and evaluation process. The teams will return to the hospitals to determine if the proposed solutions have been implemented, and if so, whether or not the problems have been adequately addressed.
In the event that the proposed solutions have not been implemented, the teams will provide support to the relevant hospital managers to ensure effective management of these problems. The Department will ensure adequate financial and human resourcing of the ten hospitals to enable them to improve in service delivery. The institutions have been requested to provide new baseline post structures and budget allocations which will ensure that they provide optimal healthcare service at the level mandated by government.
Management Improvement

  • Improvement of Management through closer interaction and communication with the management teams and providing support for innovative thinking and strategies
  • Improving efficiencies and operational strategies
  • Improving monitoring and evaluation
  • Implementing ‘management walking’
  • Instilling a culture of professional ethics and improving attitudes of staff thorugh training of managers and orientation of all managers
  • Improving clinical governance and asset management


  • Tuberculosis Hospitals
  • Folateng​

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