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The first temporary hospital was built in 1888 to address the urgent need for sick patients working in the city.  A brick lined shanty was built within two months to accommodate 14 patients.

Nursing care was provided by nuns from Holy Family of Bordeaux.  Rev Mother Adele became the first matron at Johannesburg Hospital.  The religious nurses worked long hours, day duty extended from 08h00-22h00 and night shift from 21h00-08h00 seven days a week without no off duty time.

The foundation stone of the permanent structure was laid on the 29th March 1888 by General N.J. Smit (Vice-President of the Transvaal Republic).  The site now occupied by Ronald MacKenzie Block of the Hillbrow Hospital and boarded by Smit, Hospital, Esselen and Klein Streets.

On 5 November 1890 the Hospital was officially opened on behalf of the President, by the Honourable J M A Wolmarans, Member of the Executive Committee of the Republic.  It had a bed capacity of 130.  It offered highly specialized care; viz. deep therapeutic X-Ray, electrocardiography; physiotherapy; diseases of the eyes, diseases of the ear, nose & throat; diseases of the skin, diseases of women, neurological diseases, tropical diseases, venereal diseases and infectious diseases.

Various branches were established as more people needed professional healthcare:-

  • Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital (1913)
  • Otto Beit Convalescent Home (1915)
  • Fever Hospital (1916)
  • Transvaal Memorial Hospital for children(1925)
  • Non-European Hospital (1925) in Hillbrow
  • Princess Alice Hospital in Sophiatown (1939)
  • Hurlingham Red Cross Military Hospital – renamed Tara Hospital
  • Baragwanath Military Hospital (1947)

All these branches formed Johannesburg Hospital.  In 1953 decentralisation of Coronation, Tara and Baragwanath were separated from the parent hospital and established as independent hospitals.

  • Training of nurses started 1896.  A formal training school was established in 1947 B.G. Alexander College of Nursing.
  • The main buildings were demolished in 1937 to make way for a big new central hospital.

The Transvaal Provincial Administration commissioned the building of a 2000 bed hospital in Parktown Ridge in 1968.  The hospital was built on a 33 acre site donated by Sir Otto Beit in 1914 and increased to 57 acres through expropriation.

The hospital became an integrated academic hospital, providing facilities for training of medical students, nurses and students of medical allied disciplines.  It incorporated the three essential components of an academic hospital, namely patient care, teaching and research.

The hospital was completed in 1978 and officially opened in 1979.  The hospital is broken into 5 blocks housing the following disciplines:-

  • Block 1 – Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Block 2 – Paediatric
  • Block 3 – Surgery
  • Block 4 – Mixed medical + Psychiatry
  • Block 5 – Internal medicine

​The hospital was renamed Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital in 2006. 

Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital (CMJAH) is one of four central hospitals in Gauteng Province which serves a province that is the most densely populated with much in-migration. The rapid population growth in the province over the last few years has put pressure on resources and this is further compounded by the dynamic nature of the population, making planning for resource allocation and mapping the needs of the community a difficult process. Its main function is; "to provide a highly specialised health care service, a platform for the training of health workers, a place of research, and serve as specialist referral centres for regional hospitals and neighbouring provinces".   

As a central hospital, services offered should be restricted to specialised care although this is a milestone that is still to be achieved. The service package of the hospital includes both allied and medical services.

While the hospital has been categorised as a central hospital, for historical reasons it still offers care at all four levels: primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary services.   The hospital is in the process of phasing out lower levels of care and increase specialised care and centres of excellence in keeping with its function as a central hospital.

The hospital is situated within Jhb Metro District and serves the populations of the three more southern districts of the province (Jhb Metro, Ekurhuleni and West Rand districts) with a number of overlapping and sharing of service provision with Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital (CHBAH) in this area.

The population in the three districts that refer to CMJAH and thus constituting the population that the hospital services at provincial level albeit referrals from other provinces is significant and has a direct impact on public service demands/needs and what CMJAH can afford.

    Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital Executives

​Chief Executive OfficerClinical Director​Nursing Directorate

Ms. Gladys Bogoshi



Dr Mamorena Mofokeng 



Ms Martha Pule


    Provincial Catchment Population​

Jhb metro4 643 130
Ekurhuleni3 231 178
Westrand849 478
Total8 723 786


The disease profile of the three provincial districts is typical of the South African picture reflecting the quadruple burden of disease, first described in the Initial Burden of Disease Estimates for South Africa, 2000. The disease burden is a combination of communicable diseases, HIV/AIDS, non-communicable diseases and injuries. This means that CMJAH has to offer expertise in all the various disease groups while also supporting research to reduce the burden of disease as well as to ensure that modern interventions are available.



Department: Internal Medicine


Accident & Emergency Unit                           Gastroenterology

Cardiology                                                           Infectious Diseases

Clinical Immunology                                        Medical Oncology

Clinical Haematology                                      Nephrology & Renal Dialysis

Critical Care Services                                      Neurology

Dermatology                                                     Respiratory Medicine

Endocrinology                                                 Rheumatology​

Department:  Mother & Child Health Subspecialties

Cardiology                                                       Neurology

Critical Care Services                                   Orthopaedics

Gynaecology                                                   Obstetrics

Department:  Surgery Subspecialties

Anaesthesia                                                            Ophthalmology

Cardiothoracic Surgery (Adult & Paeds)        Orthopaedics

Critical Care Services                                           Renal Transplant

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery                Trauma Unit

Colorectal Surgery                                               Urology

Ear, Nose and Throat                                           Vascular Surgery

Gastroenterology                                                 Hepato-biliary Surgery

Neurosurgery                                                         Medical Oncology

Nephrology & Renal Dialysis                             Paediatric Surgery

Department:  Neurosciences Subspecialties

Psychiatry                                                        Psychology

Department:  Radiology

Diagnostic Radiology                                      Radiation Oncology

Department:  Dental

Craniofacial Surgery

Allied Services

Dietary Services                                             Physiotherapy

Occupational Therapy                                 Speech Therapy & Audiology

Pharmacy                                                        Social Work

Nursing Services

Areas of focus are:-

  • Education (training and research)
  • Nursing care standards and practices
  • Clinical nursing care

Critical care and emergency

Medical nursing care

Surgical nursing care

Maternal and child care

Infection control and prevention

Theatre services