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 Hospital Profile     
  Founded in 1955 by a small group of Doctors belonging to Baptist  Missionary Society.
Operated from a garage of one of the houses within the residence, until a small structure was established.
The Missionaries shared responsibilities of managing the Hospital and began recruiting more Medical/Trained fellow colleagues.
As demands for Health Care Services emerged, more needs also surfaced.
Commenced Nurse training for Enrolled Nursing, General and Midwifery in 1972, having started with midwifery training in 1962.
Participated in  Medical Internship around  1970.
The Christian values remained symbolic even after numerous Administrative changes hence continued Pastoral Care.
The present Gate-Way Clinic was the Pastor’s house,  was swapped  for  accommodation of the Pastor  in the residence.
The Chapel still stands out to tell the Missionary history, used for intermittent prayers by staff members.
1st level hospital with 551 designated beds, using 446.
Situated at the borders of North West and Mpumalanga Provinces.
Serving a population of 355905 (NWPG) 524632 (GP) according to DHIS estimates.
It’s a support base for 32 clinics, 11 Gauteng and 21 North West, (ONLY 6 OFFERS 24hrs) has a Gate way clinic which is managed by Tshwane PHC.
Proximal to N1&N4,prone to ROAD ACCIDENTS.
Attached it is the Learning Centre for University of Limpopo – Medunsa Campus and 24hrs Medico Legal Centre.
Offers Clinical Practice to the following:-
Excelsius Nursing College
SG Lourens
Thuto Bophelo and currently
South African Military Services offering Mental Health and Maternity.
Have quarterly meetings with local Multi-stakeholders

 Jubilee Hospital Executives
​Chief Executive OfficerSenior Nursing ManagerClinical Manager
CEO, Ms. DL. Magano - Copy.jpgSenior Nursing Manager, Ms. T. Ngwenya - Copy.jpgClinical manager, Dr. OB. Modise - Copy.jpg
Ms D.L. Magano
012 717 6122 – 082 824 2821
​ Ms. T. Ngwenya
 012 717 9398/082 7711 847​
Dr. OB. Modise
012 717 9338- 082 968 3222
   Clinical Divisions:
Accident and Emergency  Mental HealthPhysiotherapy (DGMAH OUTREACH)
General OPD   OrthopaedicsRadiography *Hand &Micro Surgery
Obstetrics and GynaecologyOphthalmologyPharmacy *General Surgery
PaediatricsOccupational TherapySocial workers * Dermatology
Internal medicineSpeech and AudiologyDietetics
General SurgeryOptometryClinical psychology And Anaesthesia


Clinics Serving 24hrs

Burden Of Disease (BOD)

Service Package

Gauteng Province (11 Clinics)

1. Temba CHC

2. Refentse CHC

North West Province (21 Clinics)

1. Moretele Clinic

2. Dikebu Clinic

3. Makapanstad Clinic

4. Mathibestad Clinic

5. Swartdam Clinic

6. Cyferskuil Clinic



  1. HIV / AIDS
  2. Tuberculosis (TB)
  3. Pheumonia
  4. Trauma
  5. Cerebro-Vascular Incidents (Stroke)
  6. Hypertensive Diseases
  7. Diabetes Mellitus
  8. Diarrhoeal Diseases
  9. Bleeding Disorders
  10. Renal Failure
  1. HAST Programme
  2. Maternal ,Child and Woman's Health programme
  3. Theatre :Radiology ;Casualty; OPD and Poly Clinics
  4. All allied health programmes
  5. Surgical
  6. Internal medicine
  7. Family medicine
  8. Mental health = 43 beds
  9. Adult High care  = 8 beds
  10. Neonatal High Care = 4
  11. Optometrist Services
  12. •4 hrs Clinical Medico Legal Services

​ubilee District Hospital Address

92 Jubilee District Hospital
012 717 9301

Ms F.M. Kekana ( Quality Assurance) 012 717 9442- 079 506 2597
Mr M. Tlamama ( Communication Officer) 012 717 9301
Mr M.S. Mulaudzi ( Hospital Board Member Chairperson) 082 532 6180